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The 5th China Matrimonial and Family Law Practice Symposium 第五屆中國家事法研討會

Our Senior Associate Derek K. Ho (Left) Our Partner Edith Au-Yeung (Right)

高级律师 何敬翔律师 (左) 合伙人 欧阳宛婷律师 (右)

Our Senior Associate Derek (Left), Lawyer Mr. Yang Xiaolin of Beijing Yuecheng Law Firm (Middle), Our Partner Ms. Edith Au-Yeung (Right)

高级律师 何敬翔律师 (左), 岳成律师事务所的简晓林律师 (中), 合伙人 欧阳宛婷律师 (右)

Our Partner Ms. Edith Au-Yeung giving a speech on Hong Kong Form E (financial disclosure).

合伙人 欧阳宛婷律师 (右) 就香港表格E(财务披露)发表演说。

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